World of Warships
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Changes and Improvements in Update 12.11

  • Fixed an issue that caused the armor of Cristoforo Colombo not to correspond to the set parameters: deck slope armor thickness—25 mm; citadel armored deck slope armor thickness—25 mm.
  • Fixed several issues with the in-game sounds and audio.
  • Fixed island collision issues on the Shatter map.
  • Fixed an issue that in some cases allowed an additional use of Patrol Fighter.
  • Improved geometry and textures of the following ships: Atago, Atago B, Colossus, Shōkaku.
  • Improved geometry and textures of the following permanent camouflages: ARPEGGIO for ARP Maya, ARPEGGIO and ARPEGGIO RED for ARP Takao, Special for Atago B.
  • Fixed an issue where Clan invites couldn’t be sent out during battle.
  • Fixed an issue where the airstrike distance was displayed incorrectly when aiming over terrain.

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