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Changes and Improvements in Update 0.11.10

  • The tabs housing combat missions for Brawls, Clan Battles, and Ranked Battles have been merged into one single tab called "Brawl, Ranks, Clans." This change will make navigation in the combat mission section more convenient.
  • Added the ability to link styles to Tier VIII Premium submarines.
  • Fixed an issue in the description of the bonuses of the Enhanced Rudder Gears consumable—the "Maximum Dive and Ascent Speed" parameter has been added instead of the "Speed Underwater" parameter.
  • Updated the container composition widget. It now contains information about the number of containers required to guarantee the drop of an item from a particular group. Added information about compensation for unique items from containers.
  • Fixed the display of ship statuses in the container content widget.
  • Fixed the geometry and textures of the following ships: Dreadnought, Dalarna, Clausewitz, Dalian, Anhalt, Flint, Aurora, Renown, Z-52, Duncan, Azuma, AL Azuma, Vittorio Cuniberti, Vanguard, Rio de Janeiro, Roma, Indefatigable, Queen Mary, Salmon, Iwami, Kidd, Tirpitz, Oleg, Marceau, Lion, Jinan, Sinop, Asashio, Yoshino, and Hakuryū.
  • Reworked the text in the tooltip when hovering over Ship XP in the specifications section.
  • Added animation for changing economic bonuses.
  • The economic bonuses window can now be opened at the same time as the Commander Skills window.
  • Improved notification texts in the Port.
  • Updated existing portraits and added new ones for Japanese Commanders.
  • Fixed graphical errors on some maps.
  • Updated loading screens for the following maps: Solomon Islands, Warrior's Path, Hotspot, Two Brothers, and Faroe Islands.
  • Players who violate the rules will find their nicknames marked with a "violator" color in team rosters, post-battle stats, and on the Minimap.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the client to crash after being minimized or inactive for a long time.
  • Added smoke effect for decorative ships in all Ports.
  • Fixed an error in the AP shell name for Harbin.
  • Fixed an error in the names of certain permanent camouflages.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Quick messages voiceover" settings that caused quick messages to be played back in battle even when this feature was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game client to crash in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a ship tech specs block to be displayed in the container window.
  • Updated the textures for the flags of the Navy of the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China Navy.
  • Updated the position of the battle camera when controlling Chkalov's torpedo bombers.
  • Fixed an issue that affected the display of camouflage on Sanzang's aircraft.
  • Fixed an issue that removed the "Main battery reload time" string from the description of the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable.
  • Fixed an issue that hampered the activation of an auxiliary task in Operation Cherry Blossom.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game client to crash after pressing the ship preview button having re-entered the Armory.
  • Fixed an issue that could hamper automatic target locking in certain cases when switching to main battery guns while playing a submarine.
  • Optimized the ship selling process on the server side to make this process run smoother.
  • Fixed an issue with the firing range of Salmon's secondary battery guns.


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