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Guepard "French Navy" bug


There is a bug in Update 0.9.1 that causes the game client to crash when trying to mount the "French Navy" permanent camouflage on the Tier VI destroyer Guepard.

As a result, this camouflage will be temporarily removed from the inventory of all its owners and removed from sale. Owners will simultaneously be credited with a "Type 16" permanent camouflage, which will allow them to save economic and combat bonuses when playing Guepard until the bug is fixed.

When we fix the bug, the "French Navy" permanent camouflage will be credited back to its owners.

If you already had a Type 16 camouflage for Guepard, you will receive a compensation of 1,000 doubloons. If you previously did not have a "Type 16" camouflage on your account, it will be removed after the bug is fixed.

Also within 10 days after the release of 0.9.1, all affected players will receive one “Wargaming” container.

This bug will be fixed in the nearest update.

We apologize and thank you for your understanding.

Your World of Warships team