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Joining Our Official Discord Server(s)

Joining our official Discord server will give you the ability to interact with fellow players and engage in discussions about the game, take part in activities, and share feedback and suggestions. What's more, you'll also be able to interact with your World of Warships Community Managers directly!

To join our community, simply follow the link below:

As soon as you reach the #welcome-lobby, click the "Click here!" button to start your authentication for the server.

Our will then reply to you with a short message which contains a second button named "Login." After clicking this button, you'll be sent to our website where you need to select the server you play World of Warships on and log in with your Wargaming Account. Once that's done, you'll automatically be assigned the necessary roles to access the rest of the Discord server.


If you encounter any issues with the authentication process, please write a personal message on Discord to a moderator or someone with the “WOWS TEAM” role so they can help you.

Here's a list of channels and links for you to easily find the right places to ask your questions about the game mechanics and other aspects of the game with your fellow players and our Community Managers.

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