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Rule violations and harassment — how to report them

Our games are intended to be fun, fair, and safe for you to enjoy. Should a player misbehave in a toxic manner, make sure to report the incident.

How to Report a Player

In battle

  1. Right click on the player’s name.
  2. Click Report:

You can report a player once per battle. You make up to 10 reports per day.

In the Port

  1. Put the toxic player in your Blacklist.
  2. Take a screenshot of the conversation.
  3. Submit a ticket.
  4. Select Reports & Appeals.
  5. Provide the player's nickname and include the screenshot.

I Was Unfairly Reported

A single report has only a small effect in itself. However, receiving an alarming number of reports may lead to a suspension or ban. Please be respectful to one another.

Intentional exploitation of the report system may result in account suspension or a ban.

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