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Invite Bonus Code - how to redeem

Wargaming invite codes can only be used when creating a new account or within seven days after registering it. Allow for ~24h delivery processing time.

How to redeem a Wargaming invite code

  1. Go to Create a New Account.
  2. Enter your new account details
  3. Click Have an invite code?
  4. Submit the invite code
  5. Accept the EULA and press CONTINUE

Good to know

Invite codes will not work when:

  • The expiry date is overdue
  • The code has already been used
  • Typo in code. Please try again.
  • Regional restrictions
  • Only one (1) invite code can be used per account, at the time of account creation.
  • Bonus codes for existing accounts can't be used at the time of account creation.

Issues persist?

  • Contact Player Support.

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