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If Your Account Was Suspended

To ensure the security of accounts and the safety of users' in-game assets, we temporarily suspend accounts that may have been compromised.

All players whose accounts are suspended for security reasons receive the following notification:

"You need to change your password. To restore access to the game account, you need to change the password in Account Management. We also strongly recommend changing the password for your email."

All users who receive this message need to do the following to restore access to their accounts:

  1. Change the password for the game in Account Management.
  2. Change the password for your email.
  3. Disable mail forwarding to other mailboxes.
  4. Unlink the backup mailbox in the mail client.
  5. Scan the computer for malware: viruses or spyware.
  6. If possible, limit the access of unauthorized persons to the computer you use for playing.

To properly secure your game account, we strongly recommend that you link it to your mobile phone number. In this case, if hackers learn the password to the account, you can always restore access by requesting a confirmation code to your mobile phone number.

Follow all of the above tips to properly secure your account.

If you have lost access to the email account you used to register the game account, you will need to restore it. To do this, contact the support team of the email service you use.

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