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My Friend Cannot Access Their Account

For reasons of confidentiality, we consider such issues only upon the personal request of the user who registered the account. Ask your friend/clanmate to submit the request themselves.

If they are no longer able to access the email used for account registration, your friend/clanmate should follow the instructions to contact us without registering a new account. In the meantime, advise them to do the following:

Steps to Follow When Unable to Access Your Account

  1. Check your computer for malware and potentially dangerous programs (viruses, spyware, etc.). Before checking, make sure that the antivirus database has been updated to the latest version.
  2. Restore access to the mailbox by contacting the support of your mail service.
    Disable mail forwarding to other email addresses.
    Unlink the backup mailbox in the mail client.
    Make sure that the secret question/answer, as well as the password to your email are complex enough to not be easily picked or guessed.
    After completing all the above steps, sign out of your mail account and then sign back in.
  3. Once you are sure that your email account is safe, delete all messages regarding successful receipt of gold in the game, as well as messages from payment systems.
  4. If possible, restrict the access of unauthorized persons to the computer you use to browse the internet.
  5. Restore the password to access the game.

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