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Prohibited Software: the Three Violations Rule  

In World of Warships, we follow the unified game client modification-use policy. Detailed rules for using third-party modifications and software can be found in this article or on the forum.

General provisions

  1. World of Warships is a fair-play area. We’re absolutely against cheating.
  2. We appreciate any attempts to improve the game by means of modifications that don’t affect the battle results.
  3. If you want to use any modifications or software with the game client, download them from the “Client Modifications” section of our official forum. This section contains verified mods that are safe to use.

The three-violations rule will be applied against any players who use prohibited software.

  • First violation: the player will receive a warning.
  • Second violation: the player will receive a warning and have their account suspended for 7 days.
  • Third violation: permanent suspension of the player’s account.

The warning or account suspension messages will be sent to the email linked to the offending player's account, but they will also receive the first and second warnings by means of in-game notifications unless they have disabled these.

The three-violations rule has been implemented to protect players who make unintentional mistakes.

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