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What is PayPal?

PayPal is a payment provider, available in selected countries, that lets you make purchases without entering your financial details. Available country list HERE.

How can I use PayPal?

To use PayPal in our Premium Shop, your PayPal account must be verified and have associated a valid payment method.

If you have trouble verifying your PayPal account contact PayPal Customer Support. Alternatively, you may use another payment method.

My PayPal payment attempt ‘Failed’. What can I do?

  1. Make sure your PayPal account is verified and has associated a valid payment method.
    • Verify your credit card expiration date
    • Verify your Bank account is valid and has funds
  2. In our associated Payment Methods, unbind your PayPal account and bind it again.
  3. Try with another payment method.

Should the problem persist, contact our Player Support team.

How can I unbind PayPal from my account?

  1. After logging in, go to Payment Methods
  2. Click [PayPal].
  3. Click [Remove].
  4. Click [Yes, remove it].

Should you face issues to unbind PayPal, contact our Player Support team.

I was charged for a PayPal purchase, but I did not receive it. What can I do?

Successful payments take seconds to complete. In some circumstances, however, they can be delayed and show as ‘Pending’ or ‘Fail’. If a purchase was successful and you did not receive the purchased “in-game item” within 24h, contact our Player Support team.

Have ready the following information:

  • Platform you play on - Wargaming Game Center or Steam
  • Date of the purchase
  • Name of the purchased item
  • Unique PayPal Transaction ID.
  • Order Number as seen on the purchase confirmation email. (when available) Example: c4e9ba14cf3011e5834f38eaa78b2fac
  • Proof of purchase: screenshot from the payment receipt or purchase ticket.

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