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World of Warships has a consumables system implemented that allows you to improve a ship's abilities in a given area. Every consumable has a Standard and a Premium version that can be obtained with credits or Gold Doubloons.

Premium consumables have a reduced recharge time and have an additional usage. However, they are considered as used whenever a battle starts, regardless if they were actually used in the battle, or not.

Cruisers, destroyers, battleships and aircraft carriers have access to different sets of consumables. The number of slots are linked to the ship type and tier level.

Every ship has at least one consumable slot but can have up to four slots, like the Atago.

List of Consumables

Damage control Party

  • Accelerate repairs to damaged modules, firefighting and recovery from flooding.
  • This is the standard consumable every ship has access to. It is assigned to the first slot and cannot be changed. It is also not limited in usage numbers.

Repair Party

  • Partially restores the ship’s HP by repairing any light damage. Critical or heavy damage cannot be repaired by this ability.
  • Only battleships and high tier cruisers have access to this consumable.

Spotting Aircraft

  • Extends firing range of the main battery.

Catapult Fighter

  • Follows the ship and automatically attacks enemy aircraft that comes within intercept range.

Defensive AA fire

  • Increases the intensity of AA fire and decreases the accuracy of attacks by enemy bombers and torpedo bombers.
  • This consumable is only available on cruisers with dual purpose guns.

Hydroacustic Search

  • Increases the range of assured acquisition of enemy ships and torpedoes, include those within the smoke screen area.

Smoke Generator

  • Generates a smoke screen behind the ship to reduce the chance of being detected by the enemy for ships inside or behind the smoke screen.

Engine Boost

  • Temporary increases the maximum speed of a ship.
  • This consumable is only used on destroyers

Torpedo Reload Booster

  • Available on select high-tier Japanese destroyers only, this consumable instantly reduces a ship's torpedo reload time to either 5 or 8 seconds.

Surveillance Radar

  • Increases the range of assured acquisition of enemy ships, include those within the smoke screen area.


Captain skills and flags can improve the effectivity of consumables used in a battle.

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