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Bonus and Invite Codes: What They Are and How to Use Them

Bonus codes and invite codes are a unique combination of letters and numbers that add various bonuses to your account: in-game gold, equipment, Premium Account, etc.

General information about codes

  • Each code must be typed exactly as it’s shown, including unique symbols.
  • Each code can be activated only once, unless otherwise stated in the description.
  • Each code has an expiry date.
  • Static codes which are shared by Wargaming to the public have a limited number of uses, so please don't hesitate with activation.
  • All codes are tied to a specific game or games. For example, you will not be able to use a code for World of Tanks in World of Tanks Blitz or World of Tanks Console.
  • The codes might be region locked. For example, if the code is intended only for the CIS, it cannot be used for an account registered on the EU, Asia, or NA servers.
  • An invite code can be used only once per account—during registration or within seven days of registration.
  • A bonus code can only be activated on an existing account.
  • Bonus codes belonging to the same set/series (for example Gamescom codes) may have a limit on the number of activations of codes of one series per account.

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