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My Account Is Suspended: Chargeback

What Is a Chargeback?

A chargeback is a forced return of funds (real money) to the player. It can be initiated either by you or your bank.

When this happens, the affected game account is locked and will not be available to use until the chargeback is repaid. This includes accepted gifts, where both sender's and receiver's accounts will be locked (the exception being WotB, where only sender gets locked). An email will be sent to inform you about this situation and provide instructions on how to resolve the issue. 

Should you want to dispute a chargeback, Player Support will not be able to provide further information about the reasons behind the chargeback.

How to Resolve a Chargeback

For all payment methods except Daopay (see below), you will have to repay the chargeback by making a purchase in our Premium Shop. Once you have repaid the chargeback, contact our Player Support so we can unlock your game account.

Due to the nature of the chargeback, a payment ban will be applied to your account. You will only be able to pay via Paysafecard or phone.

Contact information for our billing partners and partner-specific chargeback workflows:

  • Daopay:
    • These chargebacks happen when the phone bill in which a payment is included was not paid after a certain delay. Contact Daopay’s collection agency at the following address:
      They will give you instructions to follow to solve the issue. Once this is done, contact our Player Support to unlock your account.
  • PayPal (before account suspension):
    • When you open a claim with PayPal, your payment will be held by PayPal’s Customer Service Team, pending investigation. If this claim goes through, a chargeback will be the result, but you can avoid it by closing the claim.

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