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Protection for Minors and Parental Controls

Last updated: June 11, 2024.

*Please note that currently parental controls apply only to EU/EEA, U.K., and Switzerland residents.

Setting up parental controls

To set up parental controls, your child must add your email address during their registration process or, if your child has already registered a Wargaming account, they must add your email address via their Account Management page. You will then receive an email to log in to your Parental Controls Dashboard and set up the controls for your child’s account.

If you are experiencing any issues with your Parental Controls Dashboard or any of the settings/controls, please contact our Player Support team immediately here

Play Time Limits

You can set time limits for how long your child can play our games on a daily or weekly basis. You can also set custom schedules. When play time runs out, your child will not be able to access or continue playing our games. To set up play time limits, please log in to your Wargaming Parental Controls Dashboard and adjust your child’s play time schedule accordingly. Your child will be notified regarding your play time adjustments.


You can obtain a report with information about your child's game play activities by email on a weekly or monthly basis. To do so, log in to your Wargaming Parental Controls Dashboard and make the appropriate selection.

Content Moderation

We employ a combination of technologies and human moderators to monitor user-generated content. This approach helps detect and swiftly remove inappropriate or harmful content that could negatively impact our users, and particularly children. We enforce our EULA in circumstances where someone violates our Code of Conduct or other terms and conditions (read more about our Code of Conduct in section 12 of our End User License Agreement).

Reporting Mechanisms

We have developed a reporting tool to enable your child to flag inappropriate content quickly. Our Player Support team and human moderators prioritize these reports to ensure timely investigation and removal of inappropriate or harmful content or material. Please read here how you or your child can report inappropriate or harmful content.

Personal Data

Your child has a number of data protection rights that they can use at any time through their Account Management page, including downloading a copy of their personal data and deleting their account.

For more information about how we process and use your child’s personal data, please read our Wargaming Privacy Policy, Wargaming Children Privacy Summary, and Wargaming Parental Privacy Summary.

Updates to Protection of Minors and Parental Controls

As of today, we are working on additional controls and measures as part of our commitment to protect your child. In the near future, we plan to enable you to do the following:

• Control your child’s payment activities and view your child’s transactions.
• Restrict profiling your child for commercial purposes.
• Restrict your child’s in-game communications.

We will update this article once the above features become available to you; therefore, please visit this page regularly.

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