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How to configure the joystick

  1. Go to the game settings by clicking the Game Menu located on the top bar in the hangar, or by pressing the Esc key in the hangar:

  2. Select Settings > Controls. Select a control setting "joystick". The selection of the buttons to modify can be made in the right part of the window:

  3. To configure the joystick axis, you must click Advanced Settings and then Signal Correction tab in the menu settings. You can configure the axes of the sensitivity curve for rolling, the pitch and the yaw, set the dead zone and define the axis for each of the following:

  4. By changing the sensitivity curve and the position of the dead zone, you can achieve optimal control for each of the following:

  5. In the Link and the Furious you can individually configure the axis thrust. For this axis you can also be change the size of the dead zone, the zone thrust from 0% to 100% and the afterburner zone:

  6. The button "Reset" sets the default settings for all axes at once, not only for the axis to the menu where you are located.

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