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Voice Chat Settings & Troubleshooter

Why do I sound loud or distorted to other players?

Your microphone volume may be boosted or up to the max. Check your Microphone Settings in Windows. 

What ports does Voice use?

By default, Voice uses UDP ports: 12000–29999, 5060, 5062, 3478, 3479.

How can I be sure my headset is working correctly?

Check your Microphone Settings in Windows. 

I got an error message saying "SIP transaction timed out". What do I do?

Try turning off your firewall. If that fixes the problem, open the following ports on your firewall:

  • Ports 12000–29999 – UDP – for voice media (RTP/RTCP)
  • Port 80 and 443 – TCP – for Web server (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Ports 5060 and 5062 – UDP – for voice control signals (SIP)
  • Ports 3478 and 3479 – UDP – to aid in setting up voice with NAT (STUN)

I got an error message saying "Initialize failed (The underlying connection was closed: The remote name could not be resolved)". What do I do?

This error usually means that your computer is not online, or that your network connection has dropped and been re-established. To fix the problem, you need to restart the game.

Occasionally, voice chat will hang in this state when a network connection is dropped/re-established (e.g. when switching between wireless networks). The fix is to exit the game, confirm a functioning network connection, and restart.

Why is my audio quality bad?

Poor audio quality can be caused by a lack of bandwidth or a slow CPU. You may also want to check Task Manager to ensure resource availability (i.e. CPU usage below 100%).

Hardware issues such as a low-quality microphone can also degrade audio quality.

I can't hear anything at all and/or no one can hear me. What should I do?

  1. Make sure that you have pressed the Talk button.
  2. Check the input/output serviceability.
  3. Make sure that the microphone and headset are plugged into the appropriate inputs.
  4. Make sure the sound is not muted or minimized.
    • If this doesn't help, please check the volume mixer on your computer, making sure that the sound is not muted or minimized.
  5. Consider disabling your firewall. If this helps, open the following ports in the firewall:
    • Incoming UDP: 5060, 5062, 3478
    • Outgoing TCP: 80 and 443
    • Universal UDP: 12000–17000

Why can I hear, but other people can't (or the other way around), and how do I fix the problem?

  1. Verify that your headset is working properly.
  2. Check your Microphone Settings in Windows. 

My voice chats keep getting dropped. What can I do?

Dropped calls can often be caused by home router firmware bugs. Try rebooting the router.

VoIP protocols don't function correctly in networks that include some types of NAT transversal or firewall components. 

Note that Running Xfire while playing disables Voice keyboard bindings. A workaround for this is to use the middle mouse button as your talk key.

Voice chat is having trouble connecting. What should I do?

  1. Make sure the router is running the very latest firmware from the manufacturer.
  2. Starting with the default settings (SIP ALG on, SPI Firewall on, and no special forwarding rules), test voice.
  3. If voice doesn't work reliably, try turning off SIP ALG first (if possible).
  4. If voice still doesn't work reliably, try turning off SPI Firewall as well (if possible).
  5. If voice still doesn't work, consider testing voice with an alternate router or by connecting the computer directly to the cable/dsl router.

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