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What are the timings for EXP multiplier and Mission resets?

We all know the thrill of joining a battle with a bonus EXP multiplier on the line: As long as you win the first battle of the day for the tank you're using, you'll be awarded twice the EXP earned in the battle.
Whether you become the MVP in your team (and thus getting the maximum amount of EXP possible) or get carried to a bittersweet victory by your teammates in that battle, one thing was certain: there's only one EXP bonus a day, so you'll have to wait for tomorrow for another shot at a double EXP boost.

But not anymore. From today onwards, the EXP multiplier will be available twice a day!

Here are the reset timings for the EXP multipliers - memorise these and start taking advantage of the EXP boost:

  • Reset #1: 14:00 PM UTC +8 (06:00 AM UTC)
  • Reset #2: 20:00 PM UTC +8 (12:00 PM UTC)

Also, any completed missions in your mission menu will be refreshed according to the timing above as well.

Have fun in Blitz!

Let's Mobilize!

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