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Steam Support - How to Report a Missing Purchase

If you have made a purchase on Steam but have noticed that the goods you've purchased have not been added to your account please follow the steps below to notify our Support team that you have not received your goods.

Before contacting us a Support, make sure that you've completed the following to see if the issue is a result of a delayed invoice and other common issues

  • Check to make sure that you are logged into the correct account the purchase was intended for. Please also check to assure that the goods purchased were not made under the wrong account
  • Typically, your goods will not instantaneously credit to your account. We recommend waiting at least 3-5 minutes for your purchase to populate to your account.
  • If your purchase has not been credited to your account after 5 minutes, please log out and back into your account.

If you have discovered that you have made a purchase under the wrong account, please contact us and we can offer to transfer the goods to the correct account after providing proof of purchase

if the above troubleshooting does not resolve your issue below is the information and the steps to provide the information that our Support team will need to investigate your issue further

  1. Start by getting a screenshot of your proof of purchase. You will need to navigate to your Steam account's purchase history by following the series of screens below:
Missing Steam Purchase 1


Missing Steam Purchase 2
  1. Once you have navigated to your Steam account's purchase history, please identify which purchase is missing:

    Missing Steam Purchase 3
  2. Clicking the purchase record will open up will allow you to view details of the purchase, please take a screenshot of your purchase details:

    Missing Steam Purchase 4

If you would like to report more than one missing purchase, please follow steps 2-3 to capture a screenshot for each individual purchase detail

Once you've compiled this information you are ready to submit a ticket to our support team. Please attach the screenshots you've compiled to your ticket.

When submitting a ticket to our support team please indicate if the account you are contacting us from is the account that made the purchase and is the intended account to receive the goods

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