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Credits: Calculating Profit from Battles

The amount of credits received from the battle is made up of accruals for the mere fact of entering battle and additionally for battle achievements.

No credits will be added to your account if you left the battle before your tank was destroyed (and weren’t able to log in again before the end of the battle). In such cases, the system will identify you as a bot.

For Taking Part in Battle

  • You will get a minimum fixed amount of credits of X × vehicle tier. This amount does not depend on your success in battle.
  • In case of victory the amount is further multiplied by 1.85.

For Damaging the Enemy

  • For each HP taken from the enemy, the tank receives Y credits regardless of the tier.
  • Credits for HP lost by the enemy vehicle due to fire are credited to the tank that caused the fire.
  • Credits for HP lost by the enemy vehicle due to the ammo rack explosion are credited to the tank that caused the explosion.
  • When calculating credits earned by the player, HP lost by the enemy vehicles is taken into account. HP taken from allied vehicles is not counted.
  • Credits are not added for the fact of tank destruction.

    If you take all HP from an enemy tank by blowing up its ammo rack, you get credits for the number of HP lost as a result of these actions, but not for the fact of it being destroyed.

  • When firing using someone else's intelligence data ("upon spotting"), 0.75 × Y credits are accrued for each HP taken from the enemy.
  • At the same time, every "spotting" player gets 0.5 × Y credits for each enemy HP taken as a result of their spotting.
  • The more players "spotting" one tank, the fewer the credits going to each of them.

For Spotting the Enemy

For each newly spotted enemy tank, the player receives Z credits.

For Capturing the Base

  • A certain amount of credits is accrued for a captured base, which does not depend on the number of capturing players and the degree of their participation (all participants involved in the capture receive the same amount of credits).
  • No credits are accrued for an unsuccessful capture attempt of the enemy base.
  • No credits are accrued for disrupting the capture of your own base.

The Balancing Coefficient

  • The balancing coefficient is the individual profit coefficient. It varies dependent on the vehicle.
  • At the end of the battle, the total amount of credits earned as a result of all the above actions is multiplied by this coefficient.
  • For Premium tanks, the balancing coefficient is higher than for ordinary tanks.

For Premium Account holders, the total amount of credits is multiplied by a further 1.5 times.

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