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Vehicle Filter

The vehicle filter is located in the lower-left corner of the Garage screen.

You can sort vehicles by the following parameters:

  • Tier

  • Type (light/medium/heavy tanks, tank destroyers, etc.)

  • Experience multiplier (x2, etc.)

  • Primary tanks only

How to Enable the Filter?

  1. Even if there are many vehicles in your Garage, thanks to the filter you can easily find the particular one you’re looking for.

    For example, let’s say you need the Tier VI KV-1S tank. Just use the Filter button:
    By default, vehicles are displayed in the filter by nations in the following order: U.S.A. – Germany – U.S.S.R. – U.K. – Japan – China – France – Hybrid nation. You know that the KV-1S belongs to the U.S.S.R. Tech Tree, so tap the U.S.S.R. flag:
    The list will display U.S.S.R. vehicles only. Tap the appropriate tier:
    You will see the KV-1S tank in the resulting list.

  2. You can also sort by:
    • Tanks for which an XP bonus for the first victory of the day hasn’t been received
    • Tanks celebrating their Birthday
    • Tanks marked as Primary
    • Tanks with unresearched modules
    • Elite tanks
    • Premium tanks
  3. You might have favorite tanks that you frequently use. To add them to the list of Primary Vehicles:
    • Select the tank and tap the Info button.
    • Tap the Primary flag in the upper-right corner of the screen. When the filter is disabled, Primary vehicles will be displayed first in the vehicle panel of the Garage.

      If you play on a mobile or tablet, tap the tank in the vehicle panel twice—this will mark it as Primary. If you play on a PC, right-click on the tank in the vehicle panel—this will mark it as Primary.

    • To display only Primary tanks in the vehicle panel, tap the Filter button and select the Primary option.
    • The current filter can be reset. Tapping the Reset button restores default filter settings.

      Filter settings are saved. The next time you log in, vehicles will be displayed in the Garage according to the previously set filter.

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