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Gameplay: Victory Conditions

Regular battles on all World of Tanks Blitz maps take place in the 7x7 format in the Encounter Battle and Supremacy modes. To win an Encounter Battle, you must destroy all enemy vehicles within 7 minutes or capture a neutral base. To win in Supremacy mode, you need to score 1,000 points by destroying enemy tanks and capturing neutral bases, or simply destroy all enemy vehicles.

Destroying Enemy Vehicles

Most often, battles in World of Tanks Blitz result in the complete destruction of the opposing team. Once one of the teams destroys seven enemy tanks, the battle immediately ends.

In the Encounter Battle mode, destroying all enemy tanks will not result in victory if the enemy team had gained 1,000 Supremacy points before their last tank was destroyed.

Capturing the Base

Even if you are overpowered, this does not mean that defeat is inevitable. After all, there is always an alternative way of winning—capturing the base. Credits and experience earned from either way of winning are the same.

  • To start capturing the base, it's enough to drive the tank into the capture circle, marked by a flag with a white line surrounding it. After that, capture of the base will begin and a green progress bar will appear. To capture the base, you need to score 100 capture points (filling the progress bar). The color of the progress bar is red when the enemy is trying to capture your base.
  • While in the capture circle, you should be extremely careful, as opponents will certainly try to disrupt the capture initiated by you or your allies. If the capturing vehicle is hit and takes damage, the capture points counter is reset and starts over (if there is only one tank in the capture circle).
  • If there are several capturing tanks and only one takes damage, the number of capture points is reduced by the amount that this particular tank contributed.
  • Victory is achieved when the green bar is full: the value will be 100 and "Base captured" will appear.
  • When you achieve 100 base capture points, the enemy still has a few moments to disrupt the capture. But, as soon as "Base captured" appears, the base is considered captured and the battle ends within a few seconds.
  • Base capture points are awarded to the player in proportion to their contribution to the capture when the following criteria are satisfied: the base was captured and when the allied team won.

Gaining Supremacy Points

The main feature of Supremacy mode is the presence of several capture points on a single battlefield. This mode is available for vehicles of Tier V and above. To win, you need to earn 1,000 Supremacy points by destroying enemy vehicles, or capturing neutral and enemy bases. Once a base has been captured, each two seconds of control brings your team 3–5 victory points dependent upon the map being used.

Priority of Victory Options

In the Encounter Battle mode, victory by destroying all the vehicles is treated with higher priority at the end of the battle.

This means that even if a team completely captured the base, but before the end of the battle lost all of their tanks (and their opponents still have tanks), they lose.

In Supremacy mode, gaining 1,000 Supremacy points has priority. Thus, if the enemy team scored 1,000 points, and a second after achieving this, their last tank is destroyed; the victory still goes to the enemy team for achieving the primary battle objective. If both teams survived or and neither team scored 1,000 Supremacy points prior to the end of the battle, then the team with the most Supremacy points wins.

Base Capture Time in Seconds

The time required for base capture varies, depending upon the number of tanks participating in the capture:

  • 1 tank—100 seconds
  • 2 tanks—79 seconds
  • 3 tanks—69 seconds
  • 4 tanks—63 seconds
  • 5 tanks—58 seconds
  • 6 tanks—55 seconds
  • 7 tanks—52 seconds

If tanks on both teams are simultaneously in the capture circle, capture is suspended. If the capturing tank is damaged, its meter of capture points is reset. If it was alone in the capture circle, then the capture starts over.

In the Encounter Battle mode, if neither team has destroyed all opponents or managed to capture the base within the time limit, the battle ends in a draw. A draw constitutes a loss for both teams.

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