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Password: Make It Secure

If you memorize your passwords or write them down, use simple combinations or the same password for different services; losing the password can lose you control over all of these services, as well as important information that scammers might exploit.

Making Your Password Secure

Never use a login as a password. This is the first thing that hackers try when searching for your password.

We recommend using a unique password for each service.

  1. Use any complex password generator: Webpage 1 or Webpage 2.
  2. When coming up with a password yourself, remember: a password containing uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers, and is made of at least 8 characters, is much more difficult to crack than a simple one.
  3. So as not to enter complex passwords manually each time, use a password management program. There are free options available: KeePass, Lastpass, RoboForm,

A password manager is easy to use, it safely stores your logins, passwords, and other personal information added to it, and it also helps to protect you from phishing (being hacked).

  1. Use different passwords to access the mailbox and the game account.
  2. If unauthorized persons have access to your computer, uncheck the "Remember Me" checkbox when logging into the ID system.

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