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Visibility: Spotting and Camouflage

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Each vehicle has its own view range that will determine how far your tank can detect enemies on a flat terrain (no buildings, bushes or any landscape object obstructing the vision).

To detect an enemy vehicle, your tank is equipped with two view range ports and six visibility checkpoints. At least, one of your two view range ports has to detect at one of the enemy’s six visibility checkpoints, while being in your view range.


Any enemy vehicle is automatically spotted if within 50 meters from your position (even if there is a rock or building between you and him). The maximum view range is 445 meters.


Each tank has its own base camouflage value, for instance the small ELC AMX will have a better camouflage value than the massive tier X Maus. This value will change whether you stand still, move or turn your turret while not moving (not applicable for some light tanks).

Camouflage factor increases based on:

  • Your crews skills: Camouflage skill.
  • The Camouflage painting brings a 5% camouflage bonus.
  • The equipment “Camouflage net” brings a 25% camouflage bonus (only when stationary).
  • The landscape and notable bushes brings camouflage bonuses, whose values add up to 64%.

Camouflage factor decreases based on:

  • You just shot.
  • You re moving (except light tanks).
  • An enemy vehicle is 50 meters or less from you.

No influence:

  • Grass.
  • Another player’s tank (dead or alive).
  • Skin mods.

For an extended explanation, refer to WoT Wiki: Spotting and Camouflage.

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