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How do I get back an accidentally sold premium vehicle?

We understand that after a premium vehicle is sold, you may want it back later on. If this happens, we may be able to help.

However, some situations can create accidents, such as similar vehicle names.

Due to this, for every game on a Wargaming account, we offer the possibility to exceptionally restore only one (1) single premium vehicle.

  • Example: 1 plane for WoWp, 1 ship for WoWs, 1 tank for WoT Blitz.

Every player should always keep in mind though, that they are responsible of their accounts and to sell a premium vehicle you must confirm the action via a pop up window.

To take advantage of this one time exception, the following set of requirements apply

  • The premium vehicle you want back must have been sold within the last two (2) months.
  • You must have in the account, at least, the amount of credits you received for the sale of that premium vehicle.
  • You must have an empty slot in your garage, hangar or port.
  • A premium vehicle restoration exception was not used up before for the same game.

Once you've verified that you comply with the previous requirements, please contact our Customer Service team via the ticket system. mentioning which premium vehicle you want back and for which game you'd like to use this one (1) time exception.

When Customer Service handles your request, the following actions will be performed:

  • Remove the amount of credits you received at the time of the sale.
  • Make use of the free garage, hangar or port slot by adding the requested premium vehicle.

The crew, pilot/s or captain that may have been dismissed at the time the premium vehicle was sold can't be restored.

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