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Spam Protection

To avoid spamming with pings in battles, we’re introducing special spam protection that works according to the following rules:

  • Any message that is triggered has a delay until the same message can be triggered again. This delay is 5 seconds for global commands and 2 seconds for personal messages (3 seconds if sent to the same player). The only exception is the “Attention to” marker that can be placed up to 3 times by the same player in a short period of time before it is blocked. Only 3 “Attention to” markers can exist at the same time per team.
  • When setting a new marker, the previous one from the same player will disappear and will be replaced with a new one. If no one is committed to the marker it will disappear after 6 seconds.
  • Players cannot receive more than one personal reply proposition within 15 seconds and not more than 1 voiceover from personal messages within 10 seconds.

Also, you can disable new non-verbal communication for a particular player with the "Add to your Blacklist" or "Block for this battle" options in the playerlist.

More information HERE

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