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Paysafecard payment limits

Paysafecard payment limits

With the implementation of the AMLD 5 Directive into law over EU/EEA countries, anonymous payments with classic prepaid cards of over 50* EUR will no longer be possible.

  • From 30.12.2019, Germany and Croatia customers can only make payments above 50* EUR through a personal my Paysafecard account. Individual payments up to 50* EUR will continue to be accepted by just entering a 16-digit Paysafecard PIN.
  • From 08.01.2020, all other EU countries will implement these limits.

More information available in this article. For further inquiries, please contact Paysafecard Support.

How to make payments above 50* EUR

Register for FREE [my Paysafecard] – to get your personal online payment account – which offers you many other advantages:

  • Higher payment limits (no limits for "Unlimited" status).
  • One credit balance instead of individual PINs.
  • A simplified payment process, requiring only your username and password.
  • No need for a bank account nor a credit card.
  • Access to the Paysafecard Mastercard® card (only for "Unlimited" status).

When your registration is complete, your payment limit will increase to 250* EUR per month. To enjoy payments without a limit, register for my Paysafecard "Unlimited".

How do I verify myself for my Paysafecard "Unlimited"?

Make sure that the data that you enter during registration correspond to your valid photo ID (passport, identity card, driving license). Start the verification via the menu item [Limits & Status], by clicking on [Upgrade status]. In the first step, you upload your photo ID. You are then asked to upload a current picture ("Selfie").

The identification is completed in a few minutes. Once your data have been successfully verified, you will be informed about your status upgrade by email. You can then immediately use all the advantages of my Paysafecard "Unlimited".

*or the equivalent in your local currency.

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