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Unfairly leaving a battle: desertion and warnings

When should I leave a battle?

World of Tanks is a team-based game. Players are expected to keep on playing and helping their teams as long as their vehicle is not destroyed. 

When your vehicle is destroyed however, you may leave the battle by pressing [Back to Garage].

At the end of a battle, it may take up to 15 seconds for the server to process this step. Wait for the game to send you to the garage.

What happens when I leave a battle and my vehicle is still operational?


When a player leaves a battle with a vehicle still operational, by pressing [Back to Garage], the game destroys said vehicle. This prevents the vehicle from moving around the battlefield by itself or staying put and spotting for the teammates. 

  • Players leaving battles before the destruction of their vehicles are considered deserters.
  • Repeated offenders will receive a warning. After a certain number of violations, the account will be fined.

Fines equal the amount of income from the battle that was abandoned, including, but not limited to, the loss of experience, credits, bonuses for missions, medals or marks of excellence, etc. Furthermore, if a player leaves skirmishes, no Industrial Resource will be gained either.

New players with less than a set minimum number of battles will not be penalized for leaving a battle early. However, a warning message will be displayed.

Disconnections and in-game inactivity

Disconnections from the game hinder the team you left, so try to reconnect as soon as possible. There's a 2-minute window to reconnect to the battle and this will not be counted against the account.

However, if you are able to reconnect but the battle is over, you may still receive a warning since connection issues or game crashes are not exempt from warnings and fines. 

  • Should disconnections or game crashes become concerning, contact our Player Support team for assistance.

In-game inactivity or AFK (Away From Keyboard) are players that join a battle yet do not participate by remaining inactive. You will receive a warning when the system detects that a vehicle is inactive. In cases of repeated inactive battles, the fine is the same as detailed above for deserting.

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