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A little different from last year, Frontline in 2019 will not be a short-term event. Instead, it will consist of a whole series of events throughout the year. So, every calendar month, Frontline will kick off and be available for one week.

Your 2019 Frontline journey will last 10 weeks in total. The weeks where Frontline will be available will be known as “Episodes” and between Episodes, Frontline will be unavailable.


Once you’ve reached any Frontline Tier out of 30, you earn a fixed reward: Credits, Regular and Premium Consumables, Directives, Personal Reserves.

Achieving each Prestige Level rewards you with additional prizes like Bonds, Gold, badges and medals.

Reward Vehicles

In addition to the standard rewards for reaching a certain Prestige Level, you can earn special Prestige Points. These Points can be used to exchange for reward vehicles.

The higher the Prestige Level, the more Prestige Points you earn for achieving it. And the more Points you have, the more valuable and attractive tank you can choose to exchange.

Choose wisely, the Prestige Points you will earn can only afford you a maximum of two vehicles.

Tank Rental

This season you have the opportunity to rent tanks specifically for playing in Frontline. All rental vehicles will be replicas of existing tanks and are available only for the Frontline mode.

  • The base vehicle will be available for rent for Credits throughout the Season 2019.
  • Two Premium vehicles will be available for rent for gold in each Episode. All in all, there will be ten Premium vehicles provided. Each Episode the pair of vehicles available for rent will vary.

All the gold spent on rent will be accumulated in a special fund that can be used to get a discount on the purchase of the original version of any of the leased Premium tanks.

The tank rental system will only be available in Frontline!

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