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Payment card details - Account Updater FAQ

Payment card issuers Visa and MasterCard have developed a feature called the Account Updater. Wargaming, in partnership with online payment provider company Adyen, along with other online merchants enabled this feature in the Premium Shop.

Adyen is a global payment company that allows businesses to accept e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale payments. Some of the payments made in the Premium Shop with credit/debit cards are processed through the Adyen payment platform.

Q. What is the Account Updater?

The Account Updater is a secure electronic exchange of account information updates between participating card issuers and online merchants, such as Wargaming. This automatically updates the card number and expiration date of a card that has expired once the user makes a payment.

When a player has his/her credit or debit card details saved in our Premium Shop, there will be no need to manually update the new card details. Purchases will be processed normally even though the card details have changed. Thanks to this, the transaction will not be declined, but accepted.

Q. How does this work?

The Account Updater is built directly into the payment authorization system. When you have your card details saved in our Premium Shop and you make a payment, Adyen requests and swaps account updates from Visa and MasterCard before sending the information to the issuing bank. For additional information, please refer to this article from ADYEN.

Q. What does it cost our players?

This service is free of charge.

Q. Can I disable the Account Updater?

The Account Updater is a feature enabled by Visa and MasterCard and cannot be disabled for individual users.

However, Wargaming´s Payment team will closely follow-up its implementation and monitor players´ feedback.

Q. What is the coverage of the Account Updater?

The Real Time Account Updater is available in the US and Canada for Visa cards, and globally for participating Mastercard issuing banks. Key countries where Mastercard has mandated issuers to participate with the Account Updater include the United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, and Brazil, with more countries added every quarter.

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