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How to buy in one click

How to make a quick purchase

  1. In the Garage, click on the Store tab.
  2. Select an item category in the left menu (gold, days of Premium account, vehicles, maintenance, etc) and click on the item you need.
  3. Check the item description and price, and then click To Purchase
  4. A window for selecting a payment method will appear. Click on the preferred payment method to enter data.
    If you have a saved payment method, its window will be highlighted in green.
    Be careful: If you click on the saved method, the item will be purchased immediately, in one click, without any additional confirmations.

  5. If you have no saved methods, a window will open where you will need to enter your payment data.

    Important: When paying with a card, the "Remember card details" option is activated automatically. If you plan to use other payment methods in the future, uncheck this box when paying for the item.

  6. Then, click the Purchase button Finished, the property will be credited to your account.

If you want to pay for the purchase with the same method, but using different data (a different card number or PayPal wallet), first unlink the linked payment method on this page.

Important: If you have linked several payment methods, you will need to delete them one by one until no linked methods remain on the linking page.

How to unlink a payment method

  1. Go to the payment method linking page.
  2. If you have linked methods, they will be displayed in the Linked methods section.
  3. Click on the method you want to unlink. In the opened window, click Delete

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