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Compensation for Damage for Hacked Accounts

Dear players, World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and World of Warships have an improved procedure for compensation for damage in case of loss of control over an account. It allows you to undo the actions an attacker has performed in the game client.

What Exactly Is Recovered?

  • Vehicles, equipment, consumables, etc.
  • Dismissed crew members.
  • Undistributed and free experience.
  • Statistical data: Number of battles, win percentage, average experience earned per battle, etc. (they can be rolled back to the state preceding the loss of control over the account).

The account is restored to the closest possible date preceding when you loss control over the account. All actions performed in the game during the time of unauthorized access are undone.

Account recovery is technically possible only within two months from the moment of unauthorized access.

For example, if control over the account was lost on August 8, 2014, all data will be recovered to the closest possible date to August 8. Everything that was done on the account after August 8, will be undone.

Please note! The improved compensation procedure has been in effect since July 26, 2014 and is applied only in the case of a confirmed loss of control over the account and damage caused by an attacker. Compensation received before July 26, 2014 will not be revised, and an account cannot be recovered to a date before July 26.

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