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How to change the graphics settings manually?

You can manually choose the graphics mode: Standard and Improved. They are both reworked in HD quality. The only difference between them is that Improved graphics support the full array of new technologies and effects.


If, after automatic detection, the game client suggests selecting the Improved type of graphics, we recommend using it. If the performance is unsatisfactory, you can change the advanced graphics settings manually, but we advise you not to switch to the Standard graphics type.


Some graphics settings affect the client's performance more than others. By lowering the correct setting, you can improve your FPS without affecting the graphics quality too much. We recommend you start with effects (Antialiasing, Texture Quality, Object LOD, Draw Distance, Lighting, and Post Processing). These settings are demanding, so lowering them will often improve your FPS.

All PCs are unique and changing the same settings may have different effects on different PCs.

Check the list below to learn more about each setting and how they affect the image. Graphics settings are grouped starting with the most demanding so it is clearer which ones you should turn off first.

  1. Antialiasing: Smoothes out rough pixelated or jagged object edges using different methods in Standard and Improved graphics modes.
    * In Standard graphics, antialiasing is optional and is not linked to graphical presets.
    * In Improved graphics, antialiasing is necessary to create the best image and it is a part of the graphics presets.
  2. Texture Quality This options does not depend on the GPU performance, but it is demanding on video memory. It is recommended not to set high values on older PCs. This option is available in both Improved and Standard graphics modes.
  3. Decal Quality (a special type of geometry that improves the detail of game environments). This option is responsible for the quality of image detail. Dirt tracks, fallen leaves, and broken paving are adjusted with the decals setting. The more small details you want to see on the screen, the more powerful your PC must be. This option is not very dependent on GPU performance, but it is demanding on video memory. For lower end PCs, it is recommended to set it to low or disable it. This option is unavailable for Standard graphics mode.
  4. Water Quality Water has recently been improved, and there are new effects: ripples from hits, better reflections, and splashes are also calculated. Lowering water quality should improve game performance. This option is available only for the Improved graphics mode.
  5. Lighting Quality Lighting is calculated more accurately in the new render. The players see a more detailed and better quality picture that better reflects the atmosphere of the game maps. There are transitions between lighter and darker areas. Game performance with this setting depends on the GPU power. Owners of lower end GPUs should set this parameter to lower values or disable it. This option is available only for the Improved graphics mode.
  6. Additional Effects Here you can adjust the quality of smoke, dust, sparks, flame, explosions, etc. The quality of all these effects depends more on the CPU than the GPU. If you don't have a particularly powerful PC, it is recommended to set this option as low as possible. This option is available for both the Improved and Standard graphics modes.

If you were unable to achieve good performance with your PC even after adjusting settings manually, we recommend you use the Standard graphics mode.

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