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No Access to Email

Forgot Your Password?

Most email services allow automatic password recovery. The procedure for password recovery can vary between mail services. However, in most cases, the instructions to restore the password look like this:

  1. Open the homepage/sign-in page of the mail service (for example,

  2. Click the "Forgot password?" link (possible options — "Restore password," "Need help?" etc.). The link may look different in different services:

  3. Follow the instructions of the mail service: you may be requested to answer a secret question, get a password via SMS to a linked phone number, or receive a message to the backup mailbox.

Was Your Email Hacked?

If it seems to you that your mail was hacked (the password to the mailbox was changed by someone else, the phone number linked to the mailbox is unfamiliar, or the secret question was changed), act quickly:

  1. Contact the mail service support. For example, Gmail Help Forum

  2. Follow the instructions of the mail service to restore access to your email. You will generally be requested to provide:

    • The mailbox address (name)
    • General information: when and where you registered the mailbox, which internet provider you were using at the time
    • Detailed information about the mailbox: subjects, senders' addresses, and approximate mailing dates
  3. After contacting the mail service support team, immediately take measures to secure the account.

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