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Limitless FAQ

Q. What is Limitless?

Limitless is a partner that will work closely with Wargaming EU to offer support with the help of players. Those players will be known as Reserve Troops!

Q. How can I apply?

Invitations are sent by email. Should you meet the requirements to join the team, you will be personally contacted on the email address linked to your account.

Q. What are the criteria to receive an invitation?

Recruitment will be based on:

  • Good behaviour (in and out of game).
  • Battle performances.
  • Game knowledge.

Q. Why is it in English/German/Polish/French only?

We are working on the integration of those languages only at the moment. More languages may be supported in the future.

Q. I don't want my tickets to be handled by other players. Can I somehow turn this option off?

Should the answer from our Reserve Troops not be satisfactory, escalation to Player Support is possible. All you need to do is request it.

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