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Update your video card drivers

Listed below are the most common reasons on when the drivers should be updated:

  • Technical issue that appears to be related to hardware and a driver update could help. For example, the ‘Frames Per Second (FPS)’ rate of your graphics card is much lower than expected or your network card keeps on disconnecting.
  • I need the latest special effects – Your hardware might well be adequately supported by your current drivers, however If you install the latest drivers directly from the manufacturer, additional capabilities are often made available, or additional management functionalities are provided.
  • The driver or related software notifies me that an update is available. These notifications usually take into consideration the latest version of the drivers that are required to run the game. We would advise you to follow the instructions if you are prompted.
  • I am alerted to a security or performance issues. This is rare, but occasionally information indicating that a driver has a potential security issue or may even cause damage to your hardware can be displayed by your system. We strongly recommend you to update your drivers urgently in such cases.

How to Update the video card driver

Video Card drivers are supplied and supported by hundreds, if not thousands of hardware vendors.

Below you can find links to update your drivers depending on your video card manufacturer:

Refer to the packaging of your video card if you do not know the manufacturer.

Note: some laptops and branded desktop machines can only be updated via the automatic update function that is integrated into the operating system or only by downloading the drivers on the respective manufacturer's website. We do not recommend updating those drivers manually.

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