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How do I add an attachment to my ticket?

To submit an attachment, please fill out your ticket first. You will then proceed to Step 3 - "Add more details":


You can either drag-and-drop files onto the grey space or you can click on the "Browse" button to manually locate the file on your computer.

If you click on the "Browse" button, the browser will open up your main computer's folder and you can simply select the appropriate file to attach it to the ticket.

If the file has been successfully attached to your ticket, it will display an icon with the name of the file above the "Drag-and-Drop" field:

These steps can also be followed if you are re-visiting a ticket that is currently in our queue.

Please note that SOME FILES ARE TOO LARGE TO BE ATTACHED to a ticket in their native format and those files have to be zipped first.

In order to zip a file, click the desired file (multiple files can be selected using Shift or Ctrl) and then right click and select:

"Send to compressed (zipped) folder"

These files will automatically be compressed to a smaller size, which you can then attach to your ticket. If this process of zipping a file is unclear, please have a look at Microsoft's guide on this topic.

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