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Ping? Packet loss? Can I get some explanations?

The Ping is the time required for a game packet to reach a client and a response to be received. This round-trip time is usually reported in milliseconds (ms). The lower your ping is, the better.

A packet loss is packets of data travelling across a computer network that failed to reach their destination. If you encounter package loss, you’ll see tanks teleporting from one spot to another, or your tank will not react immediately after pressing a key.

The accepted ping rate for our game is a Ping of less than 200ms.

Having a high ping and/or too many packet losses will have an impact on the playability of the game; these two issues can have various reasons and can be located on different points of the network:

  • Home network: You may have an issue with your computer’s network configuration.
  • Computer’s network configuration: Check that your firewall does not block the ports used by the game.
  • Wi-Fi: Make sure that the signal between the router and your computer is not blocked or too far from the source. In general we will advise you to use a cable connection.
  • Router: Check that your router allows the game to communicate through your network.
  • In general, make sure that you or someone using your network is not using any other programs that could use the bandwidth (Skype, streaming, downloading, etc.).
  1. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can have temporary server issues. If the issue remains after a couple of days, we wouldadvise you to create a PingPlotter file (link: PingPlotter article) and to send it to your ISP’s support team, explaining your issue.
  2. Wargaming Servers: We work hard every day that this doesn’t happen. If it does and the time lost is significant, every Premium user will automatically receive a compensation for the time lost, you don’t need to submit a ticket to our support team for this issue.

 Please read the following article that explains how to monitor your connection to our servers using a PingPlotter file.

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