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Pingplotter: connection check

When WGCheck Network Diagnostics is unavailable, you may use a Pingplotter to generate a report and contact our Player Support team about a connection issue.

PingPlotter tests your network for high latency and packet loss and generates understandable reports.

How can I check my connection?

  1. Download Pingplotter Free from HERE
  2. Please make sure no network-hungry programs are running
    • e.g. P2P torrent downloads, Skype, Web browser, etc.
  3. Launch PingPlotter
  4. Write the name of the game server in [Enter target name or IP]
  5. Set [interval] to 1 second
  6. Click [Play]
  7. Let it run for at least 30 minutes and click [Pause] to check the results timeline
  8. Click [File] and click on the menu [Export Sample Set (PP2)]
  9. Click [Save]
  10. Attach the report to your ticket

Target Addresses

Game Target Address
World of Tanks EU_1:
World of Tanks: Blitz EU:
World of Warplanes EU:
World of Warships EU:

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