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My Game Account is Suspended or Banned. Why?

Restriction Types

  • Play: you will not be able to enter the game.
  • Chat: you will not be able to use the in-game chat.

Restriction Reasons

  1. Breaking the Game Rules:
  2. Financial disputes: chargeback.
  3. Compromised account.

Can I contact Player Support to appeal?

Player Support will be able to assist you with:

  • Financial disputes (chargeback). Our Payments Team will let you know how to resolve these incidents.
  • Compromised accounts.

Player Support will be unable to assist you with:

  1. Team Kill:
  2. Restrictions related to breaking the Game Rules.
  3. Restrictions related to a violation of the World of Tanks Fair Play Policy.

Tickets submitted for these topics may be closed without an answer.

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