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What are fraudulent payments and how to avoid them

What are fraudulent payments?

Fraudulent payments are usually paid with false or stolen information.
After you have received the fraudulent payment the money will be taken away by the real owner of the credit card and your account will be blocked.

How can I avoid them?

There are easy steps to avoid fraudulent payments:

  1. Never purchase gold outside of the premium shop.
  2. Do not accept gifts from players you don't personally know.

As long as you do not use a stolen credit card yourself, those steps should keep you safe from harm.

What do I do if my credit card has been stolen?

If your credit card has been stolen contact your Bank.

Same applies to the Paypal account. As soon as you have the suspicion of your Paypal account being stolen, contact Paypal and follow their advice.

Wargaming can only sanction in-game. Everything else has to be handled by your Bank or the Police.

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