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Username, clan name, and tag rules

Our Nickname policy and Clan name/tag rules apply to all accounts. Should your nickname not violate our policies, but you still want to change it, check this article.

How to report a nickname or clan name/tag

While in battle

  • Right click on the player's nickname and click Offensive nickname or Clan name.

Outside of battle

  1. Submit a ticket to Player Support.
  2. Select Rule Violations & Penalty Appeals and mention the offending nickname or clan name/tag.

Support changed my nickname or clan name/tag. What now?

Nicknames or clan' names/tags non-compliant with our policies may be changed at any time.

Offending accounts may receive a suspension.

Inappropriate Nickname

  1. Go to Account Management.
  2. Considering our Nickname policy, change your nickname for free.

Inappropriate clan name/tag

  1. Go to the Clan Portal.
  2. Select your clan and click Modify Clan Data.
  3. Considering our Clan name/tag rules, change your clan name/tag for free.

Only the Clan Commander can edit the clan name/tag.

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