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How to report rule violations and harassment

Our games are meant to be fun, fair, and safe so that you can enjoy them. Should a player behave in a toxic manner, report the incident.

How to report a player

In battle

  1. Right-click on the offending player’s name
  2. Press Complain-Report:
  • You can report a player once per battle. You have 10 reports per day.
  • To manually report an in-battle offense, send a ticket to Player Support that includes the battle replay (mandatory), the time in said battle when the violation occurred, and a screenshot of the post-battle results (whenever possible).

In the garage

  1. Take a screenshot of the offense
    • We suggest placing the toxic player in your ignore list
  2. Go to the Player Support portal and select the offense type
  3. Provide the player's nickname and attach a screenshot
  4. Submit the ticket

I was unfairly reported

A single report has minimal effect on its own. However, an alarming amount of reports may lead to a suspension or ban. Please be respectful of each other.

Intentional exploitation of the report system may result in an account suspension or ban.