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About: Allied damage and Team Killing (TK)

Patch 1.6 (07/08/2019) virtually removed the ability to damage or Team Kill (TK) allied vehicles by shooting or ramming them, excluding SPG shell stuns. Applicable to Random Battles: Standard, Encounter, Assault, and Grand Battles.

How this works

The Team Kill tracking system detects these remaining methods of causing allied damage: actions that indirectly lead to the destruction or damage of an allied vehicle (like forcing fall damage, drowning, etc.), and stuns from allied Artillery (SPGs). These are tracked and punished accordingly.

No action is needed on the player's side to report violations of this nature to our Player Support team. The automatic system handles the offending accounts.

Does this mean there is no way to be banned or become “Blue”?

In short, no.

  • Attempting to damage or destroy an allied vehicle is frowned upon. Once our system compiles enough data from an offending account, the appropriate sanction is issued.
  • The first offence in World of Tanks is followed by a 1-hour suspension. Recurrent offending accounts will observe escalating punishments.

What happens when I’m “Blue”?

  • Becoming “Blue” is a visual indicator, for everyone in battle to see, applied to vehicles from offending accounts.
  • Vehicles displayed as “Blue” can be destroyed by allies without any consequence.

How to avoid a TK game ban

Avoid breaking the GAME RULES.

As observed in the Game Rules:

  • 4.01. Intentionally damaging vehicles, modules of vehicles, or stunning crew members belonging to a player on the same team (team damage) where it's technically possible.
  • 4.02. Intentionally destroying vehicles belonging to a player on the same team (team kill) where it's technically possible.

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