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Public testing of new game updates

Before the release of every new major game update, we are launching public testing of that update. The test environment has some specific features. Let’s see how it works!

Game client - installation

The installation of the test client is possible only by using the game launcher (alternative download and installation methods are not available).

It’s important to select the different location of the test client from your normal game client – never perform the installation of test client to the same folder you use for your normal game client.

Game server – logging in

The game servers used for public testing have limited capacity, therefore it may happen that you won’t be able to log in to the game immediately, but you will be waiting in the login queue. This may take some time – please, be patient. Unfortunately, there is no way how to make it faster.

Also, it’s important to mention that since it’s test server, there are more server restarts. You can find more information about the planned maintenance of the test server in News on the portal of the respective game.

Game accounts – beware of the old password

It‘s important to mention that the game accounts used on the test servers are in fact taken as a snapshot from the live server from a certain moment. This means that if you have registered to the game after the date mentioned in the News, you won’t be able to log in to the game, because your game account has not existed at that time and therefore it does not exist on the test server.

Currently, the public test servers are shared by all the regions. That means that you may find some problems, if you have accounts on multiple servers (e.g. EU server and US server) under the same e-mail address (unable to log in because of incorrect email/password combination/account blocked / …).

Also, if you were banned during the time of making the snapshot, the ban will be applied on the test server as well.

Game rules

The game rules apply for all the servers – this includes test servers as well. However since it’s a test server, we can’t resolve any kinds of penalty appeals.

In-game goods

After logging on the test account, you will be able to find in-game goods from your account from the time of the creation of the database snapshot, however, you will be given additional goods on the account, according to the description in the News on the portal.

In the case of World of Tanks, the additional goods usually are:

  • 100,000,000 free XP
  • 100,000,000 credits
  • 20,000 gold

The in-game goods are moved from your live account to the test account, however, after the end of the public testing, the in-game goods from the test server are not moved to your live account.


Since the public test server is designated mostly for bug-hunting and proper balancing, we don’t provide any support of the test server. If you stumble across any issue or you simply have an idea, you will have to use appropriate forums sections instead:


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