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About: Spotting and Concealment

View Range

The earlier you spot enemy vehicles, the greater advantage you have in battle. View Range is the maximum distance at which your vehicle can spot opponents. This parameter is defined by turret characteristics, modified by crew perks and skills.

There are three circular indicators around your vehicle icon on the Minimap:

  1. View Range Circle. Shows the View Range value of your vehicle, adjusted in accordance with the skills and perks of your crew and equipment mounted on your vehicle.
  2. Maximum Spotting Range. The maximum Spotting Range of all vehicles cannot exceed 445 meters. Even if your View Range exceeds this value, you won't be able to spot an enemy on your own beyond this distance; however, it will be easier for you to detect concealed vehicles within this range.
  3. Draw Circle. Shows the maximum Draw Range within which other players' vehicles can be seen on your battle screen. This value is always 565 meters.

Another essential component in spotting and keeping track of the enemy is Signal Range. Your vehicle's Signal Range is the maximum distance at which you can exchange information with your allies about the position of other vehicles. Signal Range values are defined by radio characteristics and modified by crew perks and skills.

If your ally spots an enemy and is within range to share this information with you, the icon of the spotted vehicle will appear on your minimap, even if the vehicle is beyond your Draw Range and cannot be seen directly. So you'd be wise to get the best radio available!

Proximity Spotting Circle

This refers to the area within which all vehicles can be unconditionally spotted within a radius of 50 meters. Once in this zone, you will automatically spot your enemies, just as they will spot you. Enable this option for easier orientation on the battlefield.



Staying out of sight of the enemy will help you survive the battle and deal more damage.

Thick bushes and fallen trees can conceal your vehicle. Remember, your entire vehicle must be blocked by the foliage, otherwise you will not be hidden. The exception to this rule is your gun—if your gun extends beyond the bush, it will not ruin your concealment.

If you are within 15 meters of the bush, you will be able to see other vehicles through it. You will not only be out of sight, but also in position for an ambush.

Good to Know

  • Vehicles are hardest to spot when they are not moving. Moving your hull makes you more visible, while gun and turret traverse don't affect concealment.
  • Shooting makes you much more visible, and also temporarily negates any concealment provided by foliage.
  • You can make your vehicle even less visible by using Camouflage, equipment and teaching your crew special perks and skills.

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