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Matchmaker Tweaks: Next Steps

In December last year we outlined that 2019 would be a big year for the matchmaker. That's definitely true, because we've got some big changes coming to its current architecture. But to show you the big picture, let us begin by reviewing the matchmaker’s evolution, as well as its current major issues.

New Challenges

Over the past two years, the ratio of vehicles has changed significantly. Now Tier X vehicles are only two times less common than VIII; the number of Tier IX tanks has also increased remarkably.

At the same time, the queue is very dynamic and changes literally every second. This is not only due to the natural evolution of our game, the queue is affected by some additional in-game factors that increase the workload on the queue, for example:

  • Ongoing events
  • Challenges
  • Special offers

The natural evolution of the queue has led to two new serious issues that we're currently struggling with:

  • Tanks often are bottom of the list and have to battle against adversaries of higher tiers, which is not always enjoyable. This is especially true for Tier VI and VIII vehicles.
  • Players with preferential Premium vehicles play most their battles against vehicles one tier higher, in the 5-10 template and are rarely getting matched with vehicles of their tier and one-tier lower. As a result, such a situation eliminates the benefits of preferential matchmaking.

But the templates in the current matchmaker architecture are strict, so they cannot quickly adapt to the queue evolution. So, many players today are more often at the bottom of the list, and this is the most important thing we want to change.

We would also like to: Reduce the number of battles with vehicles of higher tiers and increase the number of battles with tanks of the same tier and one-tier lower.

How Do We Want to Achieve This?

To achieve these goals, we plan to introduce dynamic templates for both two-tier and three-tier battles.

In the future, the following templates may appear:

  • 7-8, 6-9, 5-10 and 4-11 for two-tier battles
  • 4-5-6, 4-4-7 and even 5-5-5 for three-tier battles
  • other templates are also possible

The 5-5-5 battle format may not be optimal for those of you at the bottom of the list. However, thanks to the introduction of this template, all players will be less likely to be bottom of the list. It will also reduce the number of battles in which you'll encounter adversaries two tiers higher.

The new matchmaker will be able to choose various templates for vehicles of different Tiers in order to maintain an optimal balance throughout the system. At the same time, the matchmaker will be able to quickly adapt to the current situation in the queue, taking into account many factors. The choice in favour of a particular template will be made depending on the number of tanks in the queue and their Tier.

Near Future Plans

The technical part of the architecture is ready and has successfully passed through testing. In the near future, after some extra improvements and technical tweaks, we will launch a new matchmaker on one of the "live" servers.

First of all, we will check the stability and resilience of the new matchmaker in a real server environment, as well as collect real data on the distribution of tanks in battles. And, of course, we'll put some finishing touches to the template settings.

After testing is completed, we'll carefully analyze the results obtained and your feedback. If we make sure that the new matchmaker changes the quality of battles for the better, we will launch it on other servers around the world.

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