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WoT - Configure Graphic Settings

The graphics settings are split into two separate tabs.


Graphics Quality

The overall quality can be adjusted in 6 different steps, this will influence all of the settings in the “Details” tab and will allow you to quickly set the game to the desired quality.

3D Render Resolution

This setting allows you to change the resolution of rendering the scene. Lowering this will increase performance dramatically, however the quality of the picture will suffer. As a cool bonus, you can change this even during gameplay if you are noticing performance issues. Simply press [RShift +] to increase and [RShift -] to decrease.

Vertical synchronization

If you are experiencing screen tearing (a shaky image or a delay in the top or bottom part of your screen), activating this option should synchronize the image with your screen. Activating this option will also limit your FPS to 60 in most cases.


Activating this option will make edges look smoother, but will reduce performance for some systems significantly.

If you do not feel confident changing the advanced settings or find that the game performs well already, this tab will be most likely be sufficient.


If you want in-depth adjusting, click on “Details” to open the advanced settings. You will see that the effects that consume the most resources are grouped above.


By switching this option to standard or improved, you can disable or enable many of the additional graphics settings to increase fidelity or increase performance.

Grass in Sniper mode

If you are suffering from FPS (frames per second) drops when entering sniper mode, please disable this option and also make sure to lower the “Extra Effects in Sniper Mode” settings.

Dynamic change of effects quality

Enabling this option will cause the game to automatically lower the effects settings when it detects performance issues. This is highly recommended for users without high-end systems.

Generally, lowering any of the options seen, will improve performance at a loss of quality.

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