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My account is suspended: chargeback

What is a chargeback?

Chargebacks are a forced payment reversal from a disputed transaction with your Bank, credit card issuer or financial institution. As a part of this dispute, the money paid for an “in-game item” is removed from and returned to the player’s Bank, credit card issuer or financial institution.

What are the consequences of a chargeback?

When a payment is chargeback or reversed, the account that the payment was made for will be locked. This includes accepted gifts, where both sender and receiver accounts will be locked.

The lock will remain in place, indefinitely, until any outstanding amount with is resolved.

My account is locked because of a chargeback. How can I resolve this?

For all payment methods, except DaoPay (where available), you will have to make a new purchase in our Premium Shop, matching the outstanding amount of the chargeback.

After you have paid back the outstanding amount, contact our Player Support team so they can unlock your account.

Partner-specific chargeback workflows

DaoPay: Contact their collection agency via and follow their instructions to solve the issue. Once the situation is resolved, contact our Player Support team to have your account unlocked.

PayPal (before account lock): When you open a claim, the payment is held pending an investigation. If the claim goes through, a chargeback will be issued. You can avoid this by closing the claim with Paypal.

Good to know

  • Due to the nature of a chargeback, payment restrictions may be applied. You will only be able to pay back via non-reversible payment methods, such as Paysafecard or phone.
  • If your account was compromised and fraudulent payments were made, contact our Player Support team. We will be more than happy to investigate the incident and reverse the damage to the best of our abilities.

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