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Purchase "Pending", "Failed" or not received

My payment shows as "Pending"

The status "Pending" means that the purchase order has been received but the payment has not yet been processed. All payments are subject to review and could be delayed or stopped if an issue is identified. Once the review is over, the purchase status will change to either "Complete" or "Failed".

Good to know

  • Some payment methods, like bank transfer, take between minutes to several business days to complete. Generally, this delay is only applied to the first purchase.
  • A purchase can remain with the "Pending" status for up to 30 days before your bank, credit card issuer or financial institution releases the funds.

My payment shows as "Failed"

When a payment status shows as "Failed", no charges should be applied. If you believe you were charged, check your bank account, credit card statement or consult your financial institution.


When will I receive my purchase?

Successful payments take seconds to complete. In some circumstances, however, they can be delayed and show as "Pending" or "Failed". If a purchase was successful and you did not receive the purchased in-game item within 24 hours, please contact our Player Support team.

Have the following information ready:

  • Payment method: Paysafecard, Phone, Terminal, etc.
  • Date and time of the purchase
  • Name of the purchased item
  • Amount or price
  • Currency
  • Order Number as seen on the purchase confirmation email. (when available) Example: c4e9ba14cf3011e5834f38eaa78b2fac
  • Proof of purchase: a screenshot of the payment receipt or purchase ticket

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