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Change Username

How to change your nickname

You can change your chosen username that's displayed in the game and on websites. This is a paid service.

  1. Log in to your Wargaming ID account.
  2. Go to Account Management.
  3. Click the Edit button located at the right side of your nickname.
  4. Submit a new username.

    If another account is using the username you want, you will have to select different username.

  5. Select a payment method.
  6. Click Change.

Some useful info

  • This service costs 2,500 gold or 2,500 doubloons, and is available once (1 time) every 14 days.
  • Username changes can take up to 14 calendar days to take effect.
  • After making a change, the old username remains locked for 30 days. No other account can claim it in that time.
  • Before you select a new username, consider the Game Rules:

Exception: free username change

Qualifying criteria:

  • Username contains a typo (applicable to new accounts and after a recent username change).
  • Username violates the Game Rules.

Exceptions may be applicable at the discretion of Player Support and on a "case by case" basis.

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